Public transportation is beneficial for the environment because it reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn cause global warming, that are going out into the atmosphere. In fact, a baseline study done in 2014 by the government revealed that transportation is one of the two biggest emitters of greenhouse gasses in Puerto Rico. Therefore, we encourage you to visit the Metro Women’s Business Center (MWBC) using public transportation. Here’s how to do so:

[1] Arrive at the Tren Urbano station in Bayamón. If you’re coming from the Northwest region, you can take the E20 bus that leaves out of the Bo. Campanilla AMA Terminal every 15 minutes. If you’re coming from the metro area, you can take the Tren Urbano at your nearest train station. 

[2] Get on the D91 bus to get to the University of Puerto Rico – Bayamón. The fare is  Remember to press on the yellow tape while on the bus to request a stop once you’re approaching the campus.

[3] Get off at the roundabout and walk towards the Student Center.

University of Puerto Rico – Bayamón Map

[4] Once you enter the Student Center, follow the MWBC signs on the floor until you reach the elevators. Ride the elevator up to the third floor and follow the MWBC signs on the floor until you reach our office. 

That’s it! 

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at +1 (888) 778 7284 or contact us at

We hope you’ll come and visit us!

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