How to maximize your business accounting with QuickBooks

This 5-part course is designed for small business owners who want a simple system for entering financial data into QuickBooks for their business financial planning and decision-making, as well as year-end tax preparation.


You will learn:
  • Introduction to QuickBooks
  • How to navigate QuickBooks features and their benefits for your business.
  • How to create an appropriate Chart of Accounts (COA) for your business.
  • Products and services
  • Registry of Suppliers, Expenses and Purchases
  • Customers and Sales Transactions
  • How to create financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow)

Get access to five pre-recorded classes and resources, and watch on-demand.

  1. QuickBooks Online Introduction and How to Navigate It
  2. How to register your company in QuickBooks, Suppliers/Sales, Billing
  3. Customers and Sales Transactions | Payroll Creation
  4. Banks and Credit Cards
  5. Bank Reconciliation and Financial Reporting
About the Facilitators:

Virginia Dinzey-Taveras, MBA

Founder & CEO

Adaptive Business Solutions

Euriz Daniells, MBA

HRM Co-founder & CFO

QuickBooks Certified Proadvisor

What our students have said:


Completely informative workshop, I learned the basic use of Quickbooks and how to apply it to my business.

The workshop increased my knowledge about QB

Continue offering accounting courses. It's a complex topic and there are few resources or forums that do not involve a high cost.

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