1-1 Mentoring and Counseling
Workshops and Business Plan Development
Access to Capital

1-1 Mentoring and Counseling

Ready to turn your dream business into a reality? Taking your first steps in the business journey can be challenging. Luckily, our team is here to guide you during every stage of the process.

Through a specialized mentorship focused on business generation, you’ll access the tools and resources you need to achieve entrepreneurial success. 

Whether you’re just starting or looking to revitalize your business focus, you can count on our comprehensive and personalized guidance.


Are you looking for the tools, knowledge, and orientation you need to start your entrepreneurial journey confidently? Our New-Business Development workshop is designed for entrepreneurs like you.

Get inspired and empowered during every step of the business development process. Immerse yourself in an interactive and collaborative environment where you’ll have access to content directly related to:

  • Idea Exploration
  • Business Plan Design
  • Finance Management
  • Practical Tools
  • Networking


Federal certifications can open the doors to a universe of opportunities. With the help of the MWBC team, you can simplify the process and pave your way for success.

Our federal certification support services are designed for businesses looking to grow, expand, and compete in the federal marketplace. 

Access all the support you need to complete your SBA certifications:

  • Advice on the registration process for the platform
  • Guidance in Documentation Preparation

Access to Capital

Business owners can benefit from a comprehensive approach to obtaining business financing. 

That’s why we’ve designed an integral process that helps you access capital while fomenting your growth, connecting you to other experienced business owners and mentors.

By signing up, you will access:

  • Entrepreneurial Education to acquire essential knowledge,
  • and Personalized Counseling while connecting to financial entities that will back your access to capital.